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Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Warm & sunny – Wind, as last year, light, and variable in direction.


Peter Sedgewick, from Ripon, led the field throughout the race. The up and coming juniors from the home fleet, Matthew and Benjamin Lulham-Robinson, assumed a well deserved second position initially, but the greater experience of Callum Escritt, aided and abetted by his veteran crew, told as the race proceeded, and Bob Towler of Beaver achieved a worthy third place. Towards the back of the fleet, the Hide sisters (in two boats) , of Ripon, had a private but thrilling battle, which Catherine just won.

Second Race. Flushed with success, Peter Sedgewick once again took pole position, but was finally ousted by young Callum. The young L>Robinsons quietly crept through into second position, just pipping Peter at the post.

In the last race, Matthew and Ben got off to a good start, but trouble soon loomed up in the shape of the Escritt team, who then maintained their lead to the end. Peter, who had a poor start, then sailed through the fleet, finishing a worthy third.


1 70503 Escritt Callum Yorkshire Dales S.C.
2 67493 Sedgewick Peter Ripon S.C.
3 25004 Lulham-Robinson Matthew Yeadon S.C.
4 70056 Towler Bob Beaver S.C.
5 70167 Hide Catherine Ripon S.C.
6 40984 Hinks David Yeadon S.C.
7 68366 Hide Ellie Ripon S.C.


Dennis Beard knows the way around Yeadon Tarn, albeit challenged by Philip Lund of Redesmere.. Then, from nowhere, appeared our veteran sailor, Chris Dufton, sailing the oldest boat in Yorkshire, who just pipped Philip at the post.

Race 2. Dennis led, this time pursued by two Yeadon veterans, Tim Gatti (of Mirror fame), and Patrick Gaunt. Pat managed to overtake Tim, and to the latter’s chagrin, who should turn up from the back of the fleet to snatch third place, but (you’ve guessed it), caveman Chris!

In the last race, Tim Gatti had a brilliant start (was over the line, restarted and arrived at the windward mark first!), and then, oh no, not that Dufton chap again. Chris took the lead, and whilst Tim shadowed Chris, Philip sneaked in to take second place


1 10070 Beard Denis Yeadon S.C.
2 108 Dufton Chris Yeadon S.C.
3 10044 Lund Philip Redesmere S.C.
4 7741 Gaunt Patrick Yeadon S.C.
5 10309 Gatti Tim Yeadon S.C.
6 10092 Polwart Calum Derwent S.C.


Unhappily, a clash of event dates precluded the usual contenders from visiting us, and coupled with football injuries, there were only 2 boats on the water, perhaps the smallest attendance we have ever recorded.

Matthew Escritt of Yorkshire Dales, as expected, got away at the start, but Sarah Woffenden fought hard and managed to overtake him. But as the race proceeded, the combination of experience, weight and athleticism told its story, and Matthew eventually triumphed.

Race 2. This time our local lass showed the visitor a clean pair of heels, and a battle royal ensued, but again, youth (and a new boat) finally triumphed.

In the third race, our visitor had clearly got the measure of his opponent, and Matthew led all the way. Well sailed.


1 45101 Escritt Matthew Yorkshire Dales S.C.
2 11683 Woffenden Sarah Yeadon S.C.

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