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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Plastic Milk Bottles needed for Commodores Weekend July 4th and 5th

Could members please bring in plastic milk bottles over the next week for the bottle race at commodores weekend.

This jam packed weekend promises to be fun for all.

Activities will include:

Free sailing, boat swapping, Junior ‘funny face’ race, Charity race, ‘The Oaks’ North South Relay Race, Family quiz, Commodores Barbecue, Midnight Race, Canoe ‘Round The Island’ race, Raft Building, ‘Bring and Buy’ sailing gear, Commodores ‘Clubhouse Lunch’, Bottle Race and Prize giving.

More details to follow soon!

Mirror, Heron and Topper Open 21 June 2009

Warm & cloudy – Wind, Force 1, variable in direction.


Race 1. Peter Sedgewick(14) from Ripon, led the field throughout the race, albeit that Mark Hide of Ripon, Bob Towler of Beaver and our own Lulham-Robinson boys appeared to be glued to his rudder. After spreading out a little, they once again attached themselves to Peter’s transom (albeit in a different order). Peter had had enough. He charged off (there must be a little engine in his boat), leaving a thrilling battle (a long way) behind. Mark was a worthy second, with the young L-Robinson boys third.

Second Race. This time the Lulham-Robinsons established a very good lead, with Oliver Wright of Ripon in pursuit, Peter in third place. Then Oliver managed to get in front, until our young contestants used their local knowledge to find a new way down the Tarn. But danger loomed, as they were spotted by Peter, who shadowed them and nipped in front during the last furlong. The Beaver veteran, Bob Towler, had worked his way industriously into third place.

Third Race. In the absence of wind, Peter lost no time in establishing his lead, which he gradually but inexorably extended. All that the Lulham- Robs and Oliver could do was to follow him round, attaining second and third places.

A Masterclass by Peter Sedgewick, who clearly has a great future.


1 67493 Sedgewick Peter Ripon S.C.
2 70534 Lulham-Robinson Matthew Yeadon S.C.
3 68366 Hide Mark Ripon S.C.
4 70442 Towler Bob Beaver S.C.
5 70010 White Oliver Ripon S.C.
6 70167 Hide Ellie Ripon S.C.


Dennis Beard had the newest boat at Yeadon, and Chris Dufton sails the oldest boat in Yorkshire (perhaps in the world?). Despite attaching himself to Dennis’s tail initially, age always tells (the boat, not the occupants), and Dennis gradually drew away.

Race 2. A different kettle of fish. The boats were inseparable, Dennis leading, until The Old Fox turned the tables at the last furlong. One set all!

Race 3. Dennis was defending his title, and left nothing to chance. He led, and kept it. Pity Chris is not an M.P.


1 10070 Beard Denis Yeadon S.C.
2 108 Dufton Chris Yeadon S.C.


Again, a dearth of visitors, but a better home turnout.

Race 1. Katie McInnes got off to a fine start, but from the rear of the fleet Patrick Gaunt sailed right through it and established a lead. Regretably, this effort must have worn him out, as he then gradually reverted to his opening position. This let Katie back in, and she held the lead thereafter. Sarah Woffenden had mounted an early challenge, but our international windsurfer John Horton, quietly waiting in the wings, finally pushed through, forcing Sarah into third place.

Race 2. John Horton (the heaviest sailor – even before his two 2 lunches) eatablished an excellent start, and his lead over the fleet just grew and grew. Patrick, with the rest of the fleet, fought valiantly, but all was lost, and the lighter (and, possibly more athletic) Katie, took second place, Patick third.

Race 3. It looked as though John Horton was going to do it again, but the wind (what wind) was dying, his lunch had clearly settled, and the elfin Katie took, and held, the lead. John kept the rest of the fleet behind him, leaving Sarah and Patrick fighting it out. Patrick triumphed. Most ungentlemanly.

Our promising junior, Vanessa Kennedy, fought bravely and stoically, against the experienced sailors throughout the whole day, with great credit. Well done, Vanessa.
Katie was awarded the Yeadon Top Hat trophy.

1 41006 Katie McInnes Yeadon S.C.
2. 22237 John Horton “
3. 35355 Patrick Gaunt “
4. 11683 Sarah Woffenden “
5. 36169 Vanessa Kennedy “

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Yeadon Vintage 12’s make a mark at the Nationals

Three Yeadon boats joined an 80 boat fleet and went to the National 12 Championships held over the May Bank Holiday weekend at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club (Southend).
Tim Gatti our Yeadon Class Captain was sailing with Yvonne McInnes and Howard Chadwick was sailing with his niece Liz Wady and both were competing in the vintage fleet in clinker Twelves built over 40 years ago. A total of 7 vintage boats had joined a total entry of 80 boats to compete in the best supported National Championships for many years. John Cheetham was sailing his double bottomed boat with a crew from the host club.
Saturday racing was held in light winds and bright sunshine all day with two races scheduled. In Race 1 we had two general recalls and an abandonment before racing finally got under way. Race 2 was sailed in even lighter winds and only 16 boats managed to finish within the time limit with the fleet just making it back before the water disappeared completely with the strong outgoing tide. The venue was fantastic with the dinghy park in front of the club and camping between the two. A BBQ on the Saturday evening at the club was enjoyed by all and despite the excellent turnout the club coped well with the numbers.

Photo of Tim and Howard just off the beach.

Sunday racing was held in again in bright sunshine but this time we had a pleasant force 3 and again excellent close racing in the vintage fleet although it has to be said very much towards the back of the overall fleet! At the end of race 4 Brian Kitching was leading the vintage points followed by Tim then Howard. John Cheetham finished a creditable 35th and 43rd respectively. Racing was followed by a dress as a 12 fancy dress party and live band which was excellent but no rest for the Yeadon sailors who maintained standards by dancing through till the end.
Monday morning dawned slightly grey and with a fresh offshore breeze and this was Burton Cup Day so one race only but the rules prevent it being shortened, it must be a triangular course a mile offshore and covers a distance of 13.5 miles. As the fleet sailed out to the start the wind freshened dramatically and by the start was at Force 6 (some reports say F7!) with the sea littered with upturned boats. Many boats headed in and some started intending to review the conditions at the windward mark which was nearest the club! John Cheetham sailing with a local crew he was not used to decided to come in, our two vintage representatives however were determined to finish and battled on after the first two laps the wind thankfully started to drop and Tim and Howard were the only surviving vintage boats and were in close contention throughout despite the conditions and positions changed constantly with Howard getting through Tim on the penultimate beat. Tim however was catching up again in the last lap and Howard had to defend his position 100 yards from the finish with a lee bow tactic. Howard finished less than a boat length clear after 13.5 miles of close racing to take first vintage in the Burton Cup Race. At the end of this race the overall points for the vintage trophy were separated by only one point in favour of Tim and Yvonne.
Tuesday was the final day with two races scheduled and sunshine and a stiff breeze blowing at F5 to F6, conditions that prevailed all day. John went out to the start but again though discretion the better part of valour with his young and inexperienced crew. The first race again saw close racing but with Tim and Yvonne slightly ahead Howard and Liz did a nose dive into wave and capsized to windward at the penultimate mark and although a mile offshore got the mast top stuck in the bottom and needed assistance to pull the boat free as the wind and tide were against them. Howard decided at that point to return to shore whilst Tim having managed to finish. Tim and Yvonne started the final race only to retire after they capsized a couple of times however with Howard ashore they had won the overall vintage points trophy.
Photo of Tim and Yvonne with their handy size trophy !

Other Northern boats in the running were Philip David of Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club sailing with another local crew. They finished 23rd and were the first single bottomed twelve in the points series. Mark and Emma Simpson from Scaling Dam also sailed very well to finish 16th overall in the very difficult conditions.
Also held at the championships was the class AGM where Tim Gatti was elected as the Class Association Chairman with Howard as Vice Chairman, Tim has been on the committee for a year and Howard has been on the committee (this time) for two years as the Vintage Wing Representative so Yeadon members will continue to support the class and promote Yeadon Sailing Club on the regional and national scene for a few years yet.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Ribbed Boats on the Tarn

Yeadon SC hosted the first ever ‘Ribbed Boat’ event for National 12’s on Sunday 31 May. A total of 4 of these wonderful old boats took part, with 5 teams of helms and crews sailing them in a series of short races, swapping boats to ensure that everyone got the chance to sail each boat.
The boats sailed were N2 “Goldcrest” (Barnt Green One Design), owned by Howard Chadwick, N341 “Mat” (Uffa King), N493 “Laughter” (Holt 500) and N711 “Sinner” (Gnome), all of which are owned by Class Association Chairman Tim Gatti.

'Ribbed' National 12s are the earliest boats within this development class, built of ribbed construction, or, to use boat building parlance, 'clench laid and timbered'. The boats involved have all been kept sailing through the hard work of their owners and large quantities of copper nails, brass fittings, varnish and a lot of loving care!
The weather conditions were perfect – enough wind to make the sailing interesting but not strong enough to be unsailable for these old ladies of sail. Howard Chadwick and Helen Nicholson were worthy winners of the event, second place being tied between Ian and Margaret Purkis and Bernard and Ellie Clark.
A further event is planned for July when it is hoped that N1183 “Tessa” (Proctor Mark 2) will be ready to join in the fun.

Many thanks to Jennie Clark and Roly Mo Team for the article and the photos.