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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Laser & Solo Open Meeting 18 May 08

Last year a party of competitors from the other side of the Pennines had an accident on the way here and never arrived. This year they drove more carefully, but forgot to bring the wind with them. Nonetheless, we were glad to see them.

The weather was cloudy, the wind perhaps Force 2, from the North, which did not make for exciting sailing.

Race 1. Josh Moran, a rising star from nearby Otley, was quick off the mark, but Hamish Gledhill, of West Riding S.C., was right on his tail, which position was held for over 3 laps. In the absence of stronger winds, which might have allowed for more enterprising positioning on the beats, Josh was able to fend of his challenger, and he gradually extended his lead over the final laps. The sole lady contender, the lovely Wendy Jones from Dovestone S.C., had been occupying third place during the first half of the race, but was then assailed by Tim Lowe from Redesmere. They were almost glued together for a couple of laps, until Tim just squeezed ahead to take third place.

Race 2. Just a tad more wind, and a few spots of rain. Hamish had good fortune at the start, with Neil Skellam of Leigh & Lowton S.C. behind him. Local veteran John Simms, late of Otley, constituted a threat in third place, then had to battle for the rest of the race with his old Otley chum, Josh Moran, but bravely held him off, and took 3rd place behind Hamish and Neil, whose positions had remained unchanged.

Race 3. The wind was dying, but the third race proved the most thrilling. Once again Hamish led the field, with Tim Lowe following. After 2 laps Tim managed to get ahead, and extended his lead right to the end. But the best performance of the day was by Wendy, who managed to shake off her clubmate Ian Lees, and then Neil. Wendy steadily gained ground, and finally overtook Hamish, to finish in 2nd place, a very fine result indeed. Hamish took 3rd place, proving to be a well deserved winner overall.


And what about the lads (John Simms excluded)! Just look at those boat numbers. New boats – new sails. How can humble (to say nothing of “mature”) Yorkshire working lads compete against young, athletic, rich visitors? Grizzled veteran Phil Graham performed very consistently. Andrew and Mick snapping at his heels. The absence of wind prevented David Statman from giving his usual display of aquatic acrobatics. Get down to the Gym, lads. We’ll show ‘em next year!


1. 185960 Hamish Gledhill West Riding S.C.
2. 186697 Tim Lowe Redesmere S.C.

3. 187497 Josh Moran Otley S.C.

4. 169090 Wendy Jones Dovestone S.C.

5. 170471 Neil Skellam Leigh & Lowton S.C.
6=. 182224 Ian Lees Dovestone
6=. 121822 John Simms Yeadon S.C.

182223 Tom Goddard Dovestone
180421 Phil Graham Yeadon
166406 Mick Bower
160687 David Statman
83566 Andrew Cowling
149413 Gerard Kennedy

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