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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Funding Workshop Round 2 This Saturday

Thank you for all those members who came along to the first Funding Workshop a few weeks ago. We had an excellent time pulling together more ideals for funding. We also took the opportunity to firm up the plans we already had to start getting dates in the diary.

The next Funding Workshop will be this Saturday 31st October at the Clubhouse starting 10am until 1pm. Remember this is open to all members, because without you, this isn't going to happen. We currently have an overwhelming number of ideas, but we need to start putting those into action and that means we need members to commit to activities and start planning. Every penny matters and we need every penny if we can raise £275,000

We have put together a small video to remind everyone what we have now and why we need to build a new club to strengthen the future of Yeadon Sailing Club. It's not just about a lick of paint, a ramp and a bit for felt for the roof, we have to go right back to the base and start again.

The see the current funding ideas action list, please click here. Highlights include plans for Tony to sail for 24hours on the tarn, Marcus to run int he Yorkshire Warrior, a YSC cook book, Quizzes, Raffles and much, much more. But more is still needed.

Other activities underway at present:

Without a new lease in place then we will not be able to secure big money funding. Therefore we are currently working with the council to update this. Andrew, Leonie and Howard are currently collecting information from the trustees for the legal documents which are in the process of being drawn up.

Our first submission for planning was turned down on 3 points. Most of these have been resolved, but we have to undertake a Phase 1 Contamination Survey due to the clubs proximity to a landfill. This has been commissioned and John is working hard on getting this in order for the councils planning team.

Fund raising
We are finalising our application for a Just Giving account so that all sponsorship can be collected in a single place. We have donation options available already on the website so please check these out, and DONATE!

We have also setup an account with Easy Fund Raising, this means every penny you spend online via Easy Fund Raising, we get cash back, so please look at using this for all you online Christmas Purchases. http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/yeadonsailingclub/

Chris Gaunt has been working with the marketing team to pull together banners to promote the project, Version 1 can be seen along side.

And finally...
We just want to say a big thank you to club treasurer Louise. Louise is putting a vast amount of work into this project at present, helping to handle the financial matters of the project and put up with the project managers random accounting requests. So please thank her the next time you see her.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Streaker’s and Solo’s Open Report from Yeadon Sailing Club

SOLO 1  Tony Dallimore the winning Solo
With a strong turnout of Streakers but sadly only three Solos, competitors were greeted with almost no wind at Yeadon however as the fleet rigged the wind slowly started to pick up from the North East to give a light and changeable breeze.

STR 3 David Hinks Streaker sailor for his 80th birthday
Race 1 saw Ian Lees from Scammonden in Streaker 1826 take an early lead for the part lap however it was Steve Blackburn of West Lancs who then pulled through from second place to take the lead a position he maintained to the end. Ian Priest of Scaling Dam sailed a solid and consistent third place having moved up to third at the part lap in Streaker 1852 whilst Chris Wright of Ripon Sailing club did the opposite in Streaker 1754 a theme that continued for most of the day. In the Solo fleet it was Tony Langley of Yeadon in Solo 4163 taking the early lead but chased hard by Tony Dallimore of Ripon who took the lead on lap 2 in Solo 5367. New to the fleet Bob Dootson also of Yeadon sailed a solid race in third, positions they then held to the end despite some close racing between the two Tony’s.

STR 1 Streaker start
In Race 2 the breeze had increased slightly although still with some very quiet moments in places however the competitors proved very consistent with Steve Blackburn leading the Streaker fleet throughout the race chased hard by Ian Lees then Chris Wright. In the Solo fleet Tony Dallimore again lead the charge with Tony and Bob in hot pursuit. Towards the end of the race the breeze has increased further and settled slightly to give much improved sailing for all.

STR 2 Steve Blackburn leading the Streaker fleet

Race 3 was started promptly to make the most of the breeze which in fact remained throughout the race to give some excellent racing. In the Streaker Peter Kitchen of Tees and Hartlepool clearly liked the increased breeze and led for the first two laps before dropping to third place but then pulling back to finish in second place it was however Steve Blackburn who once again pulled through to take the win with Ian Lees in third place. In the Solo fleet Tony Langley pushed Tony Dallimore hard occasionally taking the lead but in the end it was Tony Dallimore who took his third win of the day and the event,

Steve Blackburn having won the event with three wins thanked Yeadon Sailing Club, in particular the race and catering team etc. for a very enjoyable event. Prior to the prize giving a very special award was presented to local Streaker sailor David Hinks to celebrate his 80th birthday in the coming week. 

Streaker Fleet

Steve Blackburn
West Lancashire Yacht Club
Ian Lees
Scammenden Sailing Club
Ian Priest
Scaling Dam Sailing Club
Chris Wright
Ripon Sailing Club
Peter Kitchen
Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club
Sal Ratcliffe
Scammonden Sailing Club

 Solo Fleet
Tony Dallimore
Ripon Sailing Club
Tony Langley
Yeadon Sailing Club
Bob Dootson
Yeadon Sailing Club

Report- Howard Chadwick
Photographs- Clare Rutherford

Calling all cooks - Recipes need for the YSC Cook Book

As you know we are trying to raise funds for a new club house. 

We are often ask how we make our soups for the open meeting so I have come up with an idea for a YSC cook book and I need your help, have you got a recipe that you would like to share with all the members maybe one of your Mums or Grandmas recipe or even a tip on how to make your windows sparkle without buying expensive cleaners  if so would you please e mail it to a committee member

Regards Gren 

To submit your ideas, please email: info@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Solo and Streaker Class’s Open Meeting Notice of Race

Open Meeting for:- Solo and Streaker Class’s
To be held on:- Saturday 10th October 2015

VENUE/RACE AREA:   Racing will be held on Yeadon Tarn Yeadon

PROGRAMME:   First race to start not before 11.30 am; Second and third races to follow after lunch.

RACING RULES:   Racing will be governed as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing except where amended by the sailing instructions to be issued on entry.

BRIEFING:   There will be a briefing at the clubhouse prior to racing. This will not be held before 11.00 am

S. I’s Sailing Instructions will be issued to all competitors on entering.

SCORING:   Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing shall apply. If three races are held the two best results will count for the overall event, if less than three races are sailed all results will count.

ENTRY FEE:   £10.00 per boat

Rights to use names and likenesses
Competitors automatically grant to the organising authority without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and to report on and publish details of the event and finishing positions etc.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Open Meeting Report: Yeadon Sailing Club - Heron & Mirror 26 Sep 2015

Our meeting was well supported this year with 9 local and six visiting boats, from as far away as Essex. Most competitors were in Herons, both crewed and single-handed. Yeadon’s John Wheble was the only Mirror sailor present. Conditions were disappointing with very light and fluky winds from the south-east.

Race 1

After a delay waiting for wind, Race 1 got under way in very light airs. Local Tony Dufton (YSC) took a kind of ‘slow flyer’ off the start, heading well out to starboard of the fleet looking for more wind. It almost paid off – Tony was second at the first mark behind Matthew Pickett (Up River YC), with Andrew Molyneux (Huddersfield SC) third.

Round the course Molyneux made up ground on the leaders, taking over first position after the first complete lap, with Matthew Pickett also passing Tony Dufton. Tony found a bit of breeze and regained second, only to lose it again when totally becalmed.

By this point these three were well ahead of the fleet. At the last mark before the finish Molyneux and Pickett were level coming in to the turn. Andrew Molyneux just got round first and won with Matthew Pickett second and Tony Dufton third.

Race 2

For race 2 the same course was used, the wind was if anything lighter and more fluky than ever. It was noticeable that those who could keep their boat moving in the conditions came out on top. Sailing single-handed was also probably an advantage.

At the start Tony Dufton (YSC) tried the same tactic of moving out to starboard but it didn’t work this time. He sat in a ‘hole in the wind’ for some time. The start took quite a while, some boats taking well over five minutes to cross the line.

At the first mark Matthew Pickett (Up River YC) was first, followed by YSC’s Andrew Cowling in a club Heron and Andrew Molyneux of Huddersfield SC. Pickett began to move well clear downwind, and Molyneux overtook Andrew Cowling to take second. Paul Barnes (Notts County SC) came up and took over third place. At one point Molyneux was sitting totally becalmed while Barnes and Kieron Wright (YSC) were steadily creeping up behind him. However he got going again and came second behind Matthew Pickett, with Jim Robinson of Huddersfield SC third.

Race 3

For the third race the wind swung round to North-east and showed signs of picking up slightly – but only to F1-2. The course was changed accordingly. The start was very slow as the wind died away again.

The solitary Mirror in the Fleet (John Wheble, YSC) got an excellent start but shortly got becalmed. Tony Dufton of YSC was first to the windward mark with R. Stevenson (Huddersfield SC) second and Andrew Molyneux third. Both Molyneux, and Dave Butler with crew Emily Clixby (Welton SC) managed to slip past Stevenson into second and third places.

Molyneux took over the lead at the windward mark, but was in turn passed by Dennis Beard of Yeadon SC coming from behind. On the second lap a light breeze sprang up and boats began to sail properly for the first time.

Andrew Molyneux retook the lead and after another short two-lap race he won, with Dennis Beard second and Matthew Pickett third.

Overall results

First place overall, and the club’s trophy, went to Andrew Molyneux of Huddersfield SC, followed by Matthew Pickett of Up River SC in second, with Jim Robinson of Huddersfield SC coming third and Dave Butler/Emily Clixby (Welton SC) fourth. The first Yeadon boat was sailed by Dennis Beard in fifth place.

The Mirror prize was taken by the only competitor, John Wheble of Yeadon SC.

Prize for the first double hander went to Dave Butler and Emily Clixby of Welton FC.

There was also a prize for the competitor who drove furthest to the event, won by Matthew Pickett (and his Dad!) who drove from Essex to join us.

Thanks are due to the Commodore and Heron class captain at Yeadon for organising the meeting, and to the catering volunteers and officers of the day who did us proud.

Nick Mannix

Yeadon Sailing Club

Many thanks to Butler Boats for many of the lovely photos.