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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dinghy Repair Workshop - 10th March at Yeadon Sailing Club

Mick Bower and Tim Gatti will be running a 'Blue Peter' style dinghy repair workshop on March 10th at 8pm. Demonstrations and discussion will cover topics such as:

Fibreglass repairs to the centreboard case and front bulkhead.
This will be done with one of the universal epoxies and include, handling, mixing, applying with the glass cloth class and cleaning up. Polyester resins will also be covered.

Stripping varnish
Cleaning and preparing the surface
Epoxy coating/varnishing
Fixing the inner gunwale back into the boat - filling with plugs, finishing and varnishing.
Reseating fittings back into the boat
Refitting the bailers
Cleaning and polishing the hull.

Come along to this very practical and packed event.

Free to members.

Plus: Don't forget, Working Parties will take place on the 14th and 21st March, please come and lend a hand in getting the dinghy park and club house ready for the new season.