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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Laser Open at Yeadon

The visiting Competitors were friendly, the weather was not. Decidedly cool, intermittent rain, wind Easterly, gentle, not ideal for Yeadon Tarn.

Race 1. Jack Cornthwaite, from Elton, was quick off the mark and led for half the race, until Ian Jones, of Dovestone, robbed him of his lead, leaving Jack in second place. Robert Holmes, of Glasson, had been a strong contender just behind the leaders, until he missed out a mark, allowing Adrian Sandilands, another Dovestone member, to take 3rd place.

Race 2. The wind, contrary to the forecast, showed no signs of strengthening, which ruled out any enterprising positioning on the beats, and showers did nothing to cheer the sailors. This time Ian Jones was first away and held that lead throughout the race. Adrian spent most of the race glued to Ian’s tail, but just could not get past him. Is it like that at Dovestone, one wonders? Our local lad, Adam Simms, got into 3rd position early on, and had a thrilling battle with Jack Cornthwaite and Robert Holmes, using his local guile to hold them both off, and finished a well deserved 3rd.

Race 3. As the wind died away, this clearly suited Robert Holmes and Adrian Sandilands, who were later joined (almost literally) by Adam and Ian Lees, yet another Dovestone devil. With less and less wind, Adrian took over and held the lead from Robert, and the battling four spread out further
and further afield, Robert having to settle for 3rd place.

Final placings, 1st and 2nd to the Dovestone Duo, Ian Jones and Adrian Sandilands, and in 3rd place, Robert Holmes of Glasson.


And what of our local luminaries?

Our rising star Adam Simms (nearly as good as his Dad now)………..put up a spirited performance (a little more wind might have suited him), and it is no disgrace to be beaten by hardened campaigners from over the hills.

Mick Bower put up a particularly fine performance in the first race, battling from the rear of the fleet to finish about half way to the front – pity he didn’t have more time!

Richard Barker also did well in the first race, as did Andrew Cowling.

And Daredevil David fought well in the middle of the fleet, but freely admits that light airs are not his favourite arias.

Whilst now sailing at Yorkshire Dales, Jon Steward (late of Yeadon) had achieved second place in the first race, until his outhaul broke. Hard luck, Jon.

Your correspondent wonders whether some “light airs” tuition, and perhaps the odd new sail, might propel these stalwarts further along the path to success.

On a lighter note, the Committee Boat Tsars, Dennis Beard and Michael Pickard, managed to get themselves marooned mid-tarn, and had to be rescued by the Officer of the Day. Simms pretty fishy to me.

Well done, lads.


1. 180031 Ian Jones - Dovestone
2. 182223 Adrian Sandilands - Dovestone
3. 185711 Robert Holmes - Glasson
4. 188474 Jack Cornthwaite - Elton
5. 194782 Ian Lees - Dovestone
6. 182623 Adam Simms - Yeadon
7. 190563 Graham Macwirtor - Scammonden
8. 166406 Mick Bower - Yeadon
9. 160687 David Statman - Yeadon
10. 131945 Richard Barker - Yeadon
11. 185714 Jon Steward - Yorkshire Dales
12. 187497 Andrew Cowling - Yeadon
13. 178751 Tom Cornthwaite Elton

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Open Day Success

A grey and gusty day didn’t deter lots of visitors coming down for the Open Day on Saturday 9th May. They were met by a lively and enthusiastic band of Club members who talked to them about sailing and the Club, took them out on the Tarn and showed them the thrills and delights of sailing.

They all seemed to enjoy the experience despite the weather and some even waved for the camera !
Several of the visitors were so carried away by the day that they plan to join YSC.
Gerard and the catering commitee kept everybody fed and watered throughout the day which was appreciated by all.
Thanks are due to Alison for co-ordinating the events of the Day and to Leeds Activity and Sailing Centre for the use of their Wayfarers so we were able to take more people out.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Yeadon Youth Set the Pace

Youth sailors from Yeadon Sailing Club have become the ones to beat in the opening events of the 2009 Yorkshire & Humberside Youth Sailing Association series that commenced recently.

The first event of the series was held at Huddersfield Sailing club on the 25th April. Matthew and Benjamin Lulham-Robinson sailing a Mirror dinghy stamped their authority on the event by playing the wind-shifts, to beat the other 20 boats on handicap.

The second event was held at Scammonden Water on the 2nd May. In a shifty force 2/3 wind, Adam Simms sailing his Laser won 2 races out of 3 in a closely fought tussle. The event was decided in the final race, when Adam managed to keep the chasing pack behind him to secure the race win.
A great start guys, keep the flag flying !!
If you've not been to one of the events yet but fancy go, speak with Neil, Peter or John for details of the ones that are coming up