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Thursday, 22 July 2010

In Memory of Yvonne McInnes Yeadon Sailing Club launches ‘Free Spirit’ its new training boat

The thunder and lightning accompanied by heavy rain on the evening of the 20th of July had been dreadful but then just at the right moment the storm stopped and Commodore Gerard Kennedy with Mary Dawson were able to name the new boat, a beautiful blue Wanderer, with a name that had been especially chosen for it in remembrance of Yvonne McInnes.

Yvonne had been a member of Yeadon Sailing Club for a very long time and recently lost a brave fight against cancer. The boat was duly doused with brown ale by Mary and named ‘Free Spirit’ as these are the words that remind us of Yvonne. The boat was then launched onto the Tarn by Gerard and taken for its maiden voyage by Tim Burnett and Felix watched by a cheerful crowd of onlookers.

The Wanderer, a perfect training boat has been purchased with the aid of a grant through an initiative promoted by the Royal Yachting Association called ‘More Adults Sailing More Often’. The idea being that more adults will continue to sail and practice their sailing skills after they have completed their initial sailing lessons. The boat that can accommodate two to three people will be mostly used on a Tuesday evening as this is when the club’s main training sessions are held. Sessions run from April through until August although the Wanderer will also be available for other training events.

Thanks go to local RYA representatives Suzie Blair and Liz Wrigglesworth who are from the Yorkshire and Humber region as they kindly assisted us with the completion of the equipment grant application form.

Thanks also go to Hartley Laminates who supplied the boat and allowed us a discount as the boat has been purchased specifically as a training boat.