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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Junior Team Racing

21 Junior sailors from Beaver, Otley, Ripon and host club Yeadon descended on Yeadon Tarn for the inaugural Junior Team Racing Event on Saturday. The idea was to give people an idea of what ‘Team Racing’ was, some general race training in a different environment and to give them encouragement to get involved in the autumn NSSA and RYA Team Racing Events.

The Tarn looked like a mirror as everybody turned up, but slowly a light wind filled in, in patches. The day properly began with an introductory talk on Team Racing by Neil and Katie, as many of those taking part had never team raced before. While that was going on OODs John and Tim sorted an approximate square S course which tried to miss the various flat patches on the Tarn and Peter and Heather came up with the selections of the teams, trying to balance the experiences and abilities of the participants taking part plus attempting to muddle the various club and friendship groups up so that everybody mixed together.

The format was always going to be fairly flexible to suit the numbers turning up and the conditions of the day so while the training was going on it was decided that five (2 boat) teams would be best, racing in a round robin tournament and that would maximise the number of races that everybody would have. The event was to be sailed in Laser Picos from Yeadon and Otley, and in the light winds the boats seem to be a great leveller.

The racing started mid-morning still with light patchy winds, but in bright sunshine. The first races progressed slower than the race team had hoped so there were some panics shore side as the race order and handover arrangements were re – jigged while the OODs on the start progressed the best they could with messages and revised race orders being delivered by the safety boat and as the teams came out to the starting area.

After the initial teething problems were worked out the races progressed much quicker. The competitors started to get into it with a race or two under their belts and team racing tactics were very much in evidence as teams endeavoured not to have the last place boat.

In the end the results were very close with both first and second places and third and fourth places having to be split on tie breaks. Blue Team, comprising Peter from Ripon, Aisling from Otley, and Tom and Tace from Yeadon, were the eventual winners with White Team, Heather from Otley, Rachel from Beaver, Benjamin from Yeadon and Matthew from Yeadon (for the first couple of races) and Will from Ripon (later), coming second. The intermixing of everybody seemed to work as each of the participating clubs had representative in either the first or second teams.

The smiles and chatter at the end of the day as everybody helped to put the boats away and tidy up seemed to suggest that the day was a success and all, competitors, helpers and parents, had enjoyed it.

Amy, from Yeadon, summed it afterwards by saying “It was fun!”

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Solo & Streaker Open Meeting - 13th September

As people turned up for the Solo and Streaker Open they found an open meeting in full swing already. This was the Leeds and Bradford Model Boat Club having a One Metre Class Open with about 20 boats taking part. Luckily with a brisk Northerly wind both events could take place on the Tarn without interference.

After the briefing the bigger boats joined the smaller boats out on the water with the fleets keeping a respectable distance apart. For the racing under the burgee of Yeadon Sailing Club the Solo fleet started first and Bill Wilson with Andrew Fieldhouse in pursuit soon established a good lead. The excitement was at the back of the fleet with Peter Appleby and Michael Wilde constantly changing places, with Michael getting ahead at the finish.

The Streakers on the second start chased the Solo fleet around the Tarn, Pete Tyerman, the lead Streaker, got quickly clear but the rest of the Streakers had a close tussle for the first few laps. Chris Wright eventually broke clear and closed the gap on Tyerman leaving Denis Beard to bring the rest of the fleet in.

After lunch the on shore supporters got excited at the start of the second when Club Secretary Peter Appleby led the Solo Fleet for a number of legs for the first lap, but then on the next shifty beat the previous order was resumed.

For the second race for the Streakers Pete Tyerman and Chris Wright contested the lead for the first 2 laps with Clive Wood, the late comer after sitting out the first race, getting away from the mid fleet bunch. By the end Pete Tyerman got away from Chris Wright, in the end, to lead by a safe distance.

Over the tea break the wind appeared to ease but as the sailors launched for the third race the wind returned.

In the Solos there was a tit for tat race between Andrew Fieldhouse and Michael Wilde, with Andrew Fieldhouse establishing a lead only to lose it for a while after trying to park on buoy number 7. Bill Wilson was way out in first place but called it a day before the end of the race. By the end of the race Andrew had re-established his lead over the others and finished first

In the Streakers Clive Wood, took an early lead with Chris Wright keeping close behind in whilst Pete Tyerman was stuck behind in the main bunch. With the winds freshening it started to catch people unaware and the occasional capsize was seen. However, at the halfway point Pete Tyerman had got over his early set backs and took over the pursuit of Clive. Pete was eventually successful and took first place on the last lap.

At the end of the day everybody had a good sail in decent conditions. At the Prizegiving the winner of the Streakers, Pete Tyerman, on behalf of both fleets thanked the OOD and the Club for running an excellent Open Meeting

The final results were ;
Solo Fleet
1st 4529 Bill Wilson Yeadon
2nd 4041 Andrew Fieldhouse Yeadon
3rd 3774 Peter Appleby Yeadon
4th 4224 Michael Wilde Berwick

Streaker Fleet
1st 1586 Pete Tyerman Pennine
2nd 1374 Chris Wright Ripon
3rd 1527 Clive Wood Yeadon
4th 1563 Denis Beard Yeadon
5th 1482 Tim Hatterley Yeadon
6th 1597 Rob Crossland Yeadon
7th 1236 Pete Smith Ripon

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Busy Day at the Club

Saturday at the Club was very busy, Bill and Neil had kindly laid on some rather nice weather for the Working Party, Junior Training, Junior and normal Club races, the free sailing session and the BBQ.

Throughout the day lots of blue paint seemed to get applied and grass cut and Denis was seen to be dismantling and replacing a window.

A number of Juniors, after doing some helping, enjoyed getting out on the water for a training session which involved lots of manoeuvring, sailing standing up, some mini races and coming along side the safety boat in a controlled manner (for chocolate bars, of course !).

The Junior Race turned into an epic race between sisters, whilst Matthew sailed in a race for the very first time and did really well despite getting stuck a couple of times !

The free sailing session later on was popular with up to 8 boats enjoying an gentle evening sail whilst the rest got the BBQs going and generally chilled out !

A very nice day indeed !!!!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009


We are pleased to announce the Laying Up Supper will be held on Friday 4th December at Yarnbury Rugby Club - 7.00 -12.00

The event will star the famous professional magician Peter Greenwood - an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle.

Of course we will have our prize giving, some great food and a great time together but this year the evening will be topped off with a superb disco so we can dance the night away.

Get your ticket from any Committee Member

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

All in a Day

Saturday 12th of September

10 am onwards The Bosun's Working Party - Do your bit to help keep the Boat Yard and Clubhouse tidy and well maintained, all under the supervision of Bill. Jobs vary from making tea to repairing the roof. Let Bill know if you have and specialised skills or job preferences.

12 pm until 2pm - Neil the club's Sailing Coach is holding a Junior Training Session.

Followed by the 6th Junior Race of this year. Juniors ready to start racing are invited to join the adults in a normal club race! Juniors make the most of this opportunity, experience going over the startline with other like minded, competitive people. Put what you have been learning throughout the spring and summer into practice.

2.30 pm Series and Junior Race 6

4.00 pm Series Race

5.00 pm - 7.00pm Free Sailing - Planned especially for the Tuesday nighters but all sailors are welcome. Just when you thought you had no choice but to put your sailing clothes away in the closet until next year, there is another chance to get back onto the water!

6.00 pm Annual BBQ - Bring your own food and drink and meet some new people or chat with old friends.