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Saturday, 2 April 2016

The 24 Hour Sailing Challenge Starts Friday 13th May along with the Open Day on Saturday May 14th

Yeadon Sailing Clubs very own Master & Commander Tony Dufton will set sail on May 13th at 5pm for a 24 Hour sailing challenge to help raise money for the Yeadon Sailing Club New Facilities Project. Tony will sail through the night and during the day only stopping to answer the call of nature. 

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The challenge will coincide with the Yeadon Tarn Open Day, where members of the public can come and along and give sailing a try for a small donation of £10. All money will go towards the clubs plans for a new clubhouse to replace the existing aging facility and help generations to come sail at Yeadon. 

Tony is himself a child of Yeadon SC having sailed at the Tarn since he was a small lad with his Dad, now he helps train new members and takes his own family sailing at the club.

Come along and support Tony, members are welcome to help out with the Open Day, if any non member wishes to give sailing ago, we will take you out with an instructor during the day and show you how it all works. Please fill in this form to register your interest.