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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Racing Cancelled - 23/24th March 2013

Due to the prevailing Arctic conditions racing for today and tomorrow has been cancelled. Hopefully spring may arrive next weekend and racing can start.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

‘Boat Fettling’ Day

As a prelude to the new season a number of Club Members took advantage of the ‘Boat Fettling’ Session on Sunday on get out on the water to check everything still works, with both, their boat and their bodies ! Three of our keen Juniors were out on the water first followed by the representatives of the equally keen but not so young Streaker Fleet. They quickly found their sea legs and re acquainted themselves with the ‘joys’ of an easterly wind blowing across the Dam leaving buoys 8, 7, 6, and 5 in an ever changing wind shadow.

Meanwhile into the Club House 7 Club Members were finding out all about the delights of First Aid as they took part in a RYA First Aid Course. Many thanks to Adi Benson of Pennine SC for leading a very informative and interesting course for us.

The Commodore recovering from an enthusiatic bandaging  

When the tell tail lifts do I head up or bear away ???? 

Don’t forget the Sailing Season proper starts this Saturday (23rd) !
And for those of you who haven’t read your Blue Card properly the first race is at 1.30 !

And where did this week's snow and bad weather come from !!!!!
Those keen enough will have to dress up warm .................................

Monday, 18 March 2013

Working Party 3 Weather 0

Working Party 3 (at least !) Weather 0

The weather for the second working party was far better than the previous week and the jolly band of club members got on with the numerous jobs the Bonsun had left us for us to do.

By the end of the afternoon the kitchen had been spring cleaned, the safety boats had been cleaned out, most of the club boats had been sorted and cleaned out and several dinghy park spaces had been re-found along the fence line, once the long grass, weeds and scrap metal had been removed.

We just need a tip run to get rid of the rubbish stored near the gate, so if any body has a bit of time to do a run to the tip that would be very much appreciated !!!!!

Many thanks to every body who came down and helped !

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

RYA First Aid Course

This Sunday (17th March) we are running a RYA First Aid Course at the Club and we have a couple of spaces spare if any Club Members are interested in improving their First Aid knowledge.

It is a very useful and informative course and well worth doing.
If you are interested please contact Neil, phone number on the Blue Card, as soon as possible. The course will cost £35 per person and as part of that cost you will get an up to date First Aid manual.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Neil McInnes
Hon Sailing Coach

Monday, 11 March 2013

Weather 1 Working Party 0

Well almost ! – Saturday wasn’t the best day for the first Working Party, rain turning into snow  and a bitter wind didn’t make working outside too much fun.
It wasn’t a total waste of time though, we cleaned the graffiti off the front shutters, sorted the buoys, and dropped them back in their places, gave the dinghy park a first stage tidy up, got rid of the moss and grass growing between the paving slabs, as well as numerous other jobs. We did go for a early finish before it started to snow too much !!!!

Hopefully it will be better next Saturday as there is still plenty to do !

See you there !!!!! 

Pictures from the next day, sunnier but still very cold !

Graffiti removed from the shutters !

Buoys back out on the water

Bright and windy !

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Working Parties - Saturday 9th and 16th March

I hope that you are all as excited as I am about the forthcoming sailing season. In order to get the clubhouse, boats and boat park ready for the season the club is holding 2 working parties on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th March.

The work starts at 10am with plenty of jobs to be done ranging from painting, gardening, cleaning and boat maintenance through to getting all the newly refurbished marks out on the Tarn. Trevor (our Bosun) has been really busy over the winter keeping the club ticking over but now it is our turn to get the club spick and span for the new season.

To celebrate all our hard work we will be holding our traditional boat fettle on Sunday 17th March at 12pm for all those who want to stretch their sailing legs. The racing season then starts the following weekend on Saturday 23rd. Please be aware that the weather at this time of year remains very cold (and the water too) so if you are out on the water please make sure that you are wearing appropriate winter sailing clothing.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 16th (unfortnately I'm away at Sunderland with the Topper Zone Squad on the 9th)