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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuesday Night Training Sessions in full swing

The Tuesday Nights Training Sessions restarted with a superb warm, sunny evening with a pleasant breeze. After a brief introduction in the Club House we soon had everybody out on the Tarn either being introduced to sailing for the first time, or re-finding their sea legs again after the winter lay off

This is the mainstay of the training we run for Club members and it is great for improving your confidence on the water and it is fun to get involved either with the training or helping out with the sessions.
The start of the session in the Club House
The sessions continue every Tuesday evening until the 9th August, between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm

On the water

Be down changed, boats rigged and ready for 7.00 !

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ingenious Sailing

This season’s Adult race training day was entitled ‘Ingenious Sailing’. The purpose was to take a day out of the racing programme to allow us to think about our sailing and racing techniques and to try things as a group and hopefully for everybody to improve their sailing and racing. A lively group of 15 Club members attended and we had the benefit of a bright sunny day with a breeze straight down the Tarn

To start with we looked at trim and balance and the use we make of our rudders.

Pete showing the force on a rudder as it passes throught the water

Peter gave a very simple demonstration of the effect of rudder drag whilst Luke showed us how good his stomach muscles were whilst showing position in the boat, sitting out and sheeting
Luke demonstrating sitting out

On the water we had some fun with sailing with tethered or lifted rudders looking at the effect of varying the trim or the balance to steer the boat which proved to be very informative to everybody who tried it.

After lunch we looked at mark rounding techniques and how using trim and balance could assist you with that. That was practiced on the water by sailing round a simple windward / leeward course which gave people the chance to practice, but with a number of boats sailing together it introduced a racing element to it.

Close sailing approaching the leeward mark

Then we finished off with 3 short races. These proved to be highly competitive with a different boat being first over the line in each race and with a short race the benefit of getting a good start was demonstrated on each occasion.

Action from from the first short race

Helen showing how fast a Laser Radial can go in the second race
 Many thanks to the John, Pete, Andrew, Luke and Clive, who helped me run the training session and provided everybody with valuable insights and assistance throughout the day.

Hon Sailing Coach

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tuesday Night Training Sessions are about to restart!

 Tuesday Night Training sessions begin on the 19th of April (7pm until 8.30pm). These are for both juniors and adults who are either new to sailing or wanting to improve their existing sailing skills. This is the mainstay of the training we run and it is great fun to be involved. We will provide you with a bouyancy aid but bring something warm to wear and a change of clothes (just in case you do get wet or you choose to participate in the capsize drill).

Be there: changed, club boats or own boat rigged ready for 7.00pm start! 
There is no charge for people trying sailing out for the first time.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Adult Race Training Day

Yeadon Sailing Club, Ingenious Sailing
Saturday 16th April – 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

This a day out of the racing programme to allow us all the chance to think about our sailing, to try things to improve our general sailing and racing and hopefully to have a bit fun as as well !.

Trim and Balance – Why are these important ?
Rudders – Who needs them ?
Mark rounding - Don’t lose it an the corners !
Sheeting in– Just how long is your Mainsheet !
Plus the Simms ‘Laser Sheeting In’ Challenge

Be changed and ready (boats not launched) for 11.00 am - Bring your lunch

Friday, 1 April 2011

First Weekend of the New Series

Saturday, the day was cold and grey with light winds which occasionally dropped to nothing and then return with unexpected gusts. Out on the water there was a good mix of Lasers and Streakers followed by a Topper and a Pico. John had the pleasure of the first capsize of the season, Alan lost his hat in a gust whilst Helen was helped back by the safety boat so she could reattach her clew! Before the second race an impromptu game of tig was had when Graham found a tennis ball floating in the water. Peter S. sailing as guest showed the rest of the fleet the way round the course, but retired from both races so as not to affect the series results. It was Alan though who made it first past the winning line and just to show it wasn’t a fluke did it again in the second race.

 Sunday, a brighter day but with light shifting winds. Eight boats made it out onto the water for the two races. They were a mixture of lasers, streakers, a solo and toppers. Young laser sailor Alex continued to show promise by taking an early lead and despite the difficult conditions he held his position right until the end, when John’s experience secured him first place. Bill now on the water for the second race, showed however that Solo’s have the advantage over Topper’s in low winds and took his first place of the season.