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Monday, 24 May 2010

Ribbed Boat Racing in the Sunshine.

A fleet of Ribbed National Twelves dating from 1936 to 1953 gathered at Yeadon Sailing Club on Sunday 23rd May to be greeted by glorious sunshine, bacon butties and a gentle breeze.

Five boats assembled with crews from Yeadon, Ripon and Winsford Flash, four of these boats belong to current National Twelve Owners Association Chairman Tim Gatti who had been working hard to get his boats to the club for the event as well as coordinating entries etc.

Each competing team was allocated a boat for the first race and five short races of approximately 20 minutes each were run.  After every race crews change boats and all races count for the day’s results thus each team has equal chance of success.  The Race Officers Howard Chadwick and Ian Morgan set a short course with a 3, 2, 1, go start sequence to keep things moving and as soon as the bacon butties were devoured racing commenced.

Race 1 saw John and Cathy Cheetham in excellent form sailing N493 Laughter, a 1945 Holt 500 design, to victory hotly pursued by Neil McInnes and Rachel Dean in N341 Mat, an Uffa King, built in 1938.

Race 2 began as soon as boats were swapped and was a closely fought battle with John and Cathy in N711 Sinner, a Gnome design, built in 1949 and Tim Gatti and Vanessa Kennedy sailing Mat closely followed by Bernard and Ellie Clark sailing N2 Goldcrest, a Barnt Green design, built in 1936.  As the winds shifted Bernard went out to the opposite side of the course on the final beat pulling off a master stroke taking him from 3rd place to a comfortable first place.

Race 3 was slightly delayed by some frantic bailing as the boats had dried out over the winter and some were getting very full indeed.  Although all boats had bailers only two had pumps which were being shared!  The jetty briefly resembled a formula one pit stop area.  Once underway Bernard and Ellie were the dominant pair in N341 Mat, however John and Cathy now sailing N1183 Tessa, a Procter Mark 2, built in 1953 were chasing hard and finished second.  Tim Gatti pulled up the minute he lost at the start through sharing a pump to finish 3rd with Neil in 4th and Brian Herring struggling slightly with N2 and making derogatory remarks about her being better for moving flour, like a barge,  than racing.

After a brief lunch and more bailing crews were back on the water for race 4 where Bernard and Ellie were again the pair to beat, this time sailing Laughter, Ellie’s favourite, although Tim and Vanessa in Sinner were a close second followed home by Brian and Katie in Mat.

Race 5 began after yet more frantic bailing and on a new course to match the shifting breeze.  Brian and Katie McInnes were fast off the line this time in Laughter and Brian used all his 75 years of experienced coupled with Katie’s nimble crewing to stay ahead of Bernard and Ellie, now sailing Sinner and Tim and Vanessa now in Tessa.  Brian managed to maintain and then increase his lead to claim victory in this the last race, which finished only 20 minutes before the first of the club’s afternoon races was scheduled to start.

The event was once again a great success and had created much interest amongst club sailors in addition to being thoroughly enjoyed by all the competitors.  The final team positions being as follows:-

Bernard Clark
Ellie Clark
8 Points
John Cheetham
Cathy Cheetham
13 Points
Tim Gatti
Vanessa Kennedy
17 Points
Brian Herring
Katie McInnes
18 Points
Neil McInnes
Rachel Dean
19 Points

Thanks to Howard for the article
and Howard and Mike for the photos

Thursday, 20 May 2010

N12 Ribby Event at Yeadon SC on Sun 23rd May

Here is confirmation of the details of the National 12 Ribby Event at Yeadon SC on Sun 23rd May, the first of a series four events throughout the season:

Weather forecast currently looking very good with warm weather and a gentle breeze predicted (westerly at 5 -8mph). Perfect for these older boats !

5 Ribbed 12's will be taking part
N2, N341, N493, N711, N1183 
And 5 carefully selected crews !

Programme - approx timings
09.00 - 10.45    Rigging and set up 10.45 - 10.55    Pre -race briefing and launch
11.00 - 12.30    3 x 20 min races with quick turnaround/pump out etc
12.30 - 13.00    Refreshments (please bring a packed lunch)
13.05 - 13.55    2 x 20 min races
13.55 - 15.00    Pack boats away
Ribbed' National 12s are the earliest boats within this development class, built of ribbed construction, or, to use boat building parlance, 'clench laid and timbered'. The boats involved have all been kept sailing through the hard work of their owners and large quantities of copper nails, brass fittings, varnish and a lot of loving care!

Spectators are more welcome and we look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday for a fun-packed morning. 

Remember to bring a hat, shorts and your sunscreen.

Tim Gatti

Monday, 17 May 2010

Laser Open 16th of May 2010

In brief: Wind, South West Force 4/5. Dull but fine. Ideal for Laser sailing, at least for the strong men. The Star of the day was undoubtedly Adam Simms, closely followed by Dad John. It was such a pity that our principal visitor was Ian Jones, of Dovestone S.C., who is a most formidable sailor, who, of course, won. Adam and John came 2nd and 3rd. The other lads all did well, but it was very windy, and there was much capsizing.

Full Report:
Race 1. As we have come to expect, Ian Jones, of Dovestone, established an early lead, with a new (and welcome) visitor, Steve Barrett, from Bolton, in hot pursuit. Adam Simms, our up and coming “young sailor”, chasing them. The Simms family must have been trained in relay races, because old Father John eventually showed his local knowledge, wresting second place from the two of them. Pity that he just had to practise his capsize drill half way through the race, allowing young Adam to supplant him, but still finishing nicely at third place.
Race 2. Ian Jones was first away again, but was given a hard race by veteran John Simms and Steve Barrett. This proved a good race for Steve, until he was eventually forced to retire, which fate also befell Adam Simms.

Pete Slingsby, another grizzled ex-Yeadon veteran, utilised his local knowledge to force his way through the fleet to take third place.

Race 3. The wind eased slightly, but its gusty nature continued to take a heavy toll. Adam Simms, perhaps fresher from his enforced respite, got off to a brilliant start, and held the lead until Ian Jones woke up, and took over his rightful place. Pete Slingsby again pushed his way forward, but the years must be taking their toll, and he was eventually replaced by John Simms, who was determined to give of his best today. But as the wind was dying (relatively), it was not possible for him or Adam to catch the leader.

Final placings, 1st Ian Jones(Dovestone), second Adam Simms (Yeadon), and in 3rd place, John Simms (Yeadon).
And what of our local luminaries?

Our rising star Adam Simms (chip off the Old Block?)………..put in a splendid performance (in a tough wind), and but for the presence of the big star from over the border………………..It’s certainly tough at the top!

Old Father Time (sorry, Timms) excelled himself……………and no doubt had trouble getting out of bed on Monday morning.

Mick Bower is getting better all the time, and all he needs is the experience.

Richard Barker was very steady, and did particularly well in the second race.

Daredevil David, (it was his sort of wind) fought well in the middle of the fleet, but your correspondent wonders whether he should be getting to bed earlier on a Saturday night.

Simon Broome improved his performance in the 2nd and 3rd races, so it’s just a matter of time…………..and perhaps concentration?

Well done, lads, on a very windy day!
And don’t forget that Ian Jones keeps getting new boats – that does make a difference!

1. 182990 Ian Jones Dovestone

2. 182623 Adam Simms Yeadon

3. 121822 John Simms “

4. 176533 Steve Barrett Bolton

5. 185701 Pete Slingsby Yorkshire Dales

6. 187091 Ben Mursell “ “

7. 166406 Mick Bower Yeadon

8. 131945 Richard Barker “

9. 197704 Tim Lulce “

10. 160687 David Statman “

11. 196657 Simon Broome “

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cold for the first weekend in May !

Sunday at the Club brought a return to the cold North Westerly winds.

A dedicated bunch of sailors took to the water to race in the gusty bracing winds while Tim and Carmen sorted the shore side of things out. Between the races the sailors and the spectators enjoyed Yvonne's birthday cake.

A reduced fleet took to the water for the second race, either due to the cold or too much birthday cake, I'm not sure.

Hidden away around the edge of the tarn the first broods of ducklings could be seen, confirming despite the cold that we are moving from Spring to Summer, just hope it warms up soon !