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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Flaming June

After a glorious week one could be mistaken into thinking that summer had arrived ! An enthusiastic bunch of Juniors arrived for the Saturday Lunchtime training session and after a brief introduction session got their boats lined up ready to sail. The temperature was not warm to start off with and by the time we started the first sailing exercise a light drizzle was falling. The drizzle got progressively worst, and it got colder as the session went on. Despite that everybody got involved in the race training exercises, coping with the variable winds as well as every thing else until we all got too cold and came in for a warm up.

Unfortunately the cold and wet put all but a few getting involved in the Junior Race that followed the training session. This race was combined with the normal club racing and despite deteriorating weather there was a good turn out from the rest of the club for the afternoon’s racing. The drizzle had turned into consistent fine rain by this point and despite the wind becoming quite steady it was only the dedicated few who ventured out for the second race

As for Sunday the wind blew ‘old boots’, and it was a day for being at home in front of a warm fire, but it’s June !!!!!!!!!!!!

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