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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New Facilities Update - Thinking caps, not sun caps...

In case you have missed some of the progress reports on the New Facilities Project, please find a summary below...

To read more then click here for the blog...
Bob and Catherine are preparing to table a funding meeting at the club on Wednesday September 2nd at 7.30 PM. If you have any money spinning ideas, then come along (let me know if you are planning on doing so, for biscuit forecasting).

The plan is to submit our planning application in mid September. If you haven't seen the latest plans for the building then go to the blog and check them out. John is really being creative with the space to make sure we have the best we can get in the tight space we have.

We have made some good progress recently. The council have provided a response to the Heads of Terms which is a significant step and means we are getting closer to our goal of completing the lease negotiations. Leonie, Howard and Andrew are doing an excellent job with this.

Stakeholder engagement
It's essential that we engage the local community in our plans, both for guidance and support, we are planning a community engagement day on September 13th at 11am in the club house, come along and lend your support. Glenis is making fine preparations for this.

We recently were visited by David Oxley (CBE), the former head of the Sport Lottery fund who was very impressed by what we had to offer and how we run our training, well done Neil and team!

Whats the plan?
Our current projection is to have a new building in place by April 2017. This isn't going to happen without your help, so please contact me if you want to get involved and get behind you club.

Read more about the project here...

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