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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Saturday Social Sailing Starts For Members This Weekend

Relaxed Sailing
Remember that from this Saturday afternoon (5.30 until 7.30 –ish) until mid-September, we are starting the ‘Social Sailing’ sessions. This is an opportunity for all members to partake in general sailing around the Tarn without having the pressures or time constraints of the race circuit.

Following the ‘Saturday Series’ races, the club water will remain open for a further period. Cover will be provided by the club coaches / instructors.
This gives the opportunity for members to sail around the Tarn in a more relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere, while we will may set a suggested course to follow (wind and weather dependant) there will be no pressures from start times, laps to complete, or finish lines, you will be able to join in and leave at your own pace. Club boats will be available, but if demand is high please ensure they are shared.

For those not wishing to join in a structured course, for e.g. those less confident, or for practising roll tacks, or capsize-and-recovery (or both!) there will be plenty of space allocated. 

Some suggested activities:
• Practising what we have learned
• Improving or trying new skills and techniques
• Trying out different boats
• Trying a boat before buying
• Sail and rig tuning
• Relaxed sailing

Whatever we use the time for, it’s important we respect each other’s space on the water. 

Don’t forget we also have a barbeque and eating area for those who wish to continue to socialise longer into the evenings, soaking up the setting sun (SIC!) and perhaps suitable beverages.

Of course this can only work well if all participants contribute to the events, e.g. providing safety cover, putting the safety boat and club boats away, clearing up the dinghy park, club house and barbeque / eating areas. 

I look forwards to seeing you all out on the water. 

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