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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Stop the press. Yeadon Sailing Club has won a grant!

Club boats have become a part of the club over the last few years. Many have been donated to the club. We now have a healthy mix of boats across different classes. These boats help to get new members onto the water for the first time or for the first race hopefully progressing them through the trials and tribulations of dingy sailing until they have the confidence to buy.  They also act as ‘bac, usual vessel has let them down. So it is vital that we keep these in good condition for the enjoyment of all members and the future of the sport. As advertised in the news letter the club has stared a scheme where members can adopt a boat and help keep them in top condition. Many boats have already been adopted and great work has been done, for instance one of the Herons has been adopted by Stuart Hinkins who has worked hard and done a wonderful job to transform an ageing boat into a  boat the club can be proud of. So if you think you can give a bit of love to any of the club boats then please ask one of the committee members, and well done to all those who have already helped.

The club can also announce that there are two new (brand new) boats on the way to us. Thanks to Bob Dootson who kindly applied for (with the help of one or two other club members) a small grant from the sports council. He was awarded the full Amount of £10,000 which is fantastic. So on order from Butler boats are two new Herons, both Blue to match the Wanderer we just need names now. It was thought that as both existing Herons have been in great demand due to there ease of sailing to add to the two the club already has. I for one cannot wait for there arrival well done Bob and all those who helped.

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