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Sunday, 1 April 2012

First Training Weekend

Training started early this season. The new Club Coaches have put together a full training programme this year. For the Adults who had stepped up from Tuesday Nights and were wanting to try racing (plus had attended the September training sessions last year) to help them get a flying start we are running a series of sessions as a 'Start Racing' course building up to getting them involved in the Training Day for all adults on the 28th April. On the Junior side last year 'Start Racing' group are moving to take the more involved 'Intermeadiate Racing' course.

The good weather of the previous week had gone as we got ready to go out on the water as it was cold and a scuddy northerly wind was blowing. The Juniors turned up keen and ready to sail, however on the Adults side more Coaches than participants turned up ! (where were you all ?????).

The general theme of the day was to get back into sailing again after the long winter layoff and try and remember how to do it all. This was taken to heart by everybody, a number were even keen enough to try capsizing to make sure they could still do that !

In the end it was a good session and everybody enjoyed getting back out on the water !

There is now a break for Easter and the next training session will be on the 14th April.

Finally we got the Toppers to sail in a line together !

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