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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Adult Race Training

A northerly 4 was blowing straight down the tarn, it was cold and raining – Lovely !
Plans for the day were rapidly changed to suit the conditions. The attending members didn’t look too enthusiastic, others decided at home it wasn't for them !. The planned sessions on Starting, Rules and Extreme Sailing were revised – Starting and Rules were extended into shore based session whereas it looked like Luke would have suitable conditions for his Extreme Sailing session !

Andrew, Luke and John lead a good discussion on the main rules for when two boats meet and we all played with Picos on the grass looking at ‘mark room’.
John having to give 'water' to Luke
 Jo and John went through all the things you have to consider when starting a race and took everybody outside on the grass again and we looked at lines and transits.
Jo and John explaining Line bias
By this point we had talked lots and it seemed time finally to brave the conditions. Luke set a Laser up on its side in the shelter of the Club and went through what sail controls actually did and how much to pull on for the conditions (which was more than most people thought !). The group still didn’t seem keen but the Coaches decided to go for it so two Picos, a Topper, a Heron and the Wanderer were launched. Once on the water the conditions were found to be strong but due to the Northerly direction the wind was reasonably consistent. Everybody had a good sail around in the conditions with some people even trying capsizing ! Andrew got some video of the sailing that was then used to discuss technique in the final debrief.

At the end everybody seemed to have a good day and learnt lots despite the conditions and thanks are due to Andrew, Luke, John, John and Jo for leading some really interesting sessions.

"Shoulders back, lean out fully and keep the boat flat to avoid excess weather helm !"

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