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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Frostbite Start ?

1st November heralded the start of the Frostbite series for 2009.

Officers for the day, David and Peter dutifully prepared the Club for the day’s racing but, unfortunately, with the wind gusting 30 knots (and more!) with torrential rain any sailing was looking very unlikely. The baked potatoes went in the oven for lunch so people were committed to stay with the hope that things would improve !

Well the rain stopped, the sun came out but the wind continued to increase in the gusts, this time blowing spray off the wave tops ! The tarn was at it’s fullest for a long time with a good flow going out over the spillway and the tarnside path was flooded in places with all the water running off the land.
The baked potatoes were good, but there wasn’t any sailing !

Hopefully next week will be better !!!
The Frostbite Series on every Sunday until 13th December, with 2 races each Sunday, one at 12.00 and the other at 14.00, and generally a social lunch between the races. Even if you don’t sail in the races themselves come down and join in with the social spectating.

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