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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pre Season Warm Up

What a difference 24 hours makes ! Saturday for the working party was sunny and warm with light consistent winds. Whereas Sunday for the Pre Season Warm Up was grey, cold with a gusty fresh SW wind blowing. The idea was meant to be a general re-introduction to sailing after the long winter layoff, a look at the new 3 boat length requirement for the zone for ‘mark room’ and some practice starts and short races to finish off with.
In reality the 10 keen sailors who took to the water practiced their survival sailing, some their capsize drill, and some even their swimming skills while Neil was able to practice his safety boat driving ( Thanks to Charlotte for helping out in the safety boat, and Don and Ralph too ! ).
The afternoon finished earlier than planned as people came in cold and wet and after David, Andrew and Sarah treated to the ever growing number of spectators to a non synchronised capsize display.
The new season starts next Saturday, the 28th, let’s hope for better weather then !

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