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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beginner Start Racing Training 2016 - Last of our Tuesday Night Training is August 9th

We are on the run in to the end of Tuesdays for this season and the last session is on Tuesday 9th August.

The last couple of weeks have been really good and positive especially as the weather has improved and we have had good numbers out on the water Hopefully we can get most of you competent and confident enough with the basics of sailing to be able to take part in our next set of training sessions which are the Beginner Start Racing sessions in September. We hope to 'bottle' some enthusiasm and good stuff from the recent Tuesdays and keep you all sailing with these sessions into September and October.

These Beginner Start Racing sessions will start on the 3rd September and will run for 6 Saturday sessions , these being ; 3rd, 10th, and 17th September, then 1st, 15th and 22nd October.

Each session starts at 11.30 (on the water at 12.00), and runs until 2.00.This allows time for those of you who feel up to joining in with the Club Races to have a quick break before the first Club race starts at 2.30.

The basic requirements to join in with the sessions are that people have access to a boat (either their own or a Club boat), and you can rig, launch, sail a basic triangle course, recover and derig it afterwards and want to learn the basics of racing.

These sessions have been developed for people to apply their newly developed sailing skills into some more focused activities. This will further improve your sailing skills and competence and to introduce you to racing. These sessions will follow the RYA Start Racing syllabus 

If required, for those who have only recently started sailing, we may be able to run some ‘one to one’ tuition to improve your sailing basics as well, please speak to me about that so we can try and sort.

Andrew set this Doodle poll up so you can register if you are interested in attending the training sessions (and so we have some idea who is turning up !) 

Within these sessions we will incorporate some events to form the Junior Race Series and the new Beginner Race Series

Plus finally please don’t forget the remaining Social Sailing evenings
These are on a Saturday evening and they are not training sessions, just a chance to sail and practice your skills in a relaxed environment on a Saturday evenings after the second race is finished at 5.00 until around 7.00 to 7.30 pm.
These sessions run until August  20th, so please bring your boat, or borrow a Club boat, perhaps some food, sail, relax and chill !

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