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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Open Meeting Report: Yeadon Sailing Club - Heron & Mirror 26 Sep 2015

Our meeting was well supported this year with 9 local and six visiting boats, from as far away as Essex. Most competitors were in Herons, both crewed and single-handed. Yeadon’s John Wheble was the only Mirror sailor present. Conditions were disappointing with very light and fluky winds from the south-east.

Race 1

After a delay waiting for wind, Race 1 got under way in very light airs. Local Tony Dufton (YSC) took a kind of ‘slow flyer’ off the start, heading well out to starboard of the fleet looking for more wind. It almost paid off – Tony was second at the first mark behind Matthew Pickett (Up River YC), with Andrew Molyneux (Huddersfield SC) third.

Round the course Molyneux made up ground on the leaders, taking over first position after the first complete lap, with Matthew Pickett also passing Tony Dufton. Tony found a bit of breeze and regained second, only to lose it again when totally becalmed.

By this point these three were well ahead of the fleet. At the last mark before the finish Molyneux and Pickett were level coming in to the turn. Andrew Molyneux just got round first and won with Matthew Pickett second and Tony Dufton third.

Race 2

For race 2 the same course was used, the wind was if anything lighter and more fluky than ever. It was noticeable that those who could keep their boat moving in the conditions came out on top. Sailing single-handed was also probably an advantage.

At the start Tony Dufton (YSC) tried the same tactic of moving out to starboard but it didn’t work this time. He sat in a ‘hole in the wind’ for some time. The start took quite a while, some boats taking well over five minutes to cross the line.

At the first mark Matthew Pickett (Up River YC) was first, followed by YSC’s Andrew Cowling in a club Heron and Andrew Molyneux of Huddersfield SC. Pickett began to move well clear downwind, and Molyneux overtook Andrew Cowling to take second. Paul Barnes (Notts County SC) came up and took over third place. At one point Molyneux was sitting totally becalmed while Barnes and Kieron Wright (YSC) were steadily creeping up behind him. However he got going again and came second behind Matthew Pickett, with Jim Robinson of Huddersfield SC third.

Race 3

For the third race the wind swung round to North-east and showed signs of picking up slightly – but only to F1-2. The course was changed accordingly. The start was very slow as the wind died away again.

The solitary Mirror in the Fleet (John Wheble, YSC) got an excellent start but shortly got becalmed. Tony Dufton of YSC was first to the windward mark with R. Stevenson (Huddersfield SC) second and Andrew Molyneux third. Both Molyneux, and Dave Butler with crew Emily Clixby (Welton SC) managed to slip past Stevenson into second and third places.

Molyneux took over the lead at the windward mark, but was in turn passed by Dennis Beard of Yeadon SC coming from behind. On the second lap a light breeze sprang up and boats began to sail properly for the first time.

Andrew Molyneux retook the lead and after another short two-lap race he won, with Dennis Beard second and Matthew Pickett third.

Overall results

First place overall, and the club’s trophy, went to Andrew Molyneux of Huddersfield SC, followed by Matthew Pickett of Up River SC in second, with Jim Robinson of Huddersfield SC coming third and Dave Butler/Emily Clixby (Welton SC) fourth. The first Yeadon boat was sailed by Dennis Beard in fifth place.

The Mirror prize was taken by the only competitor, John Wheble of Yeadon SC.

Prize for the first double hander went to Dave Butler and Emily Clixby of Welton FC.

There was also a prize for the competitor who drove furthest to the event, won by Matthew Pickett (and his Dad!) who drove from Essex to join us.

Thanks are due to the Commodore and Heron class captain at Yeadon for organising the meeting, and to the catering volunteers and officers of the day who did us proud.

Nick Mannix

Yeadon Sailing Club

Many thanks to Butler Boats for many of the lovely photos.

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