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Thursday, 4 July 2013

2013 Heron & Mirror Open At Yeadon Sailing Club

On what started as a dull and blustery day. Yeadon welcomed a total of nine boats, Eight Herons and one Mirror. Both club boats where used by new comers Kieron and Chris in one and Trish and Cath  in the other, well done. Phil Lund made his annual journey from Redsmere sc. Very tired from youth training at filey the day before Jo and Harriet Lee appeared. And, after fine tuning her boat it was good to see Glenis back.


Denis and Jo Beard (Yeadon’s most successful competitors in the past decade) where first to the windward mark in race one. Which saw close racing and positions swapped on every lap. However Veterans Chris Dufton and David Hinks had other ideas and kept Denis on his toes. Chris crossed the finish line first closely followed by David and only 9 seconds behind Chris was Denis. Which meant Denis won the first race on handicap Chris in second and David third.


After a lovely lunch break, thank you to all that helped to make it so.  The wind had decreased and last year’s winner Tony Dufton made a good start and led all the way in the second race. With the traveller Phil Lund working his way up the fleet to finish second. David Hinks after a good start repeated his result in the first race and ended third.


This was interesting stuff as all five leading boats entered the final race could win the Willy Wader, and as the wind dropped right off well.... who knows. As Denis and jo where the only crewed boat in the top five all he had to do was stick with the lead pack. All was going well until halfway through the race and the burgees started to spin. Start up the lottery machine Guinevere. The officer of the day (Mick Bower who did a great job) had hard decision to make send them around again and hope the wind filled in or cut the race short. He did the later and this gave a lucky Tony the win with Phil taking second and another respectable result for Chris coming in third. Final positions where:-

1st Tony Dufton                 H 108     (Yeaddon S.C)
2nd Phil Lund                      H10044 (Redsmere S.C)
3rd Denis and Jo beard      H10070 (Yeadon S.C)
4th Chris Dufton                 H 2876  (Yeadon S.C)
5th David Hinks                  H10327 (Yeadon S.C)
6th Jo and Harriot Lee       M59154 (Yeadon S.C)
7th Glenis Burgess             H 7741   (Yeadon S.C)
8th Kieron Wright              H 8620   (Yeadon S.C)
and Chris Paddy
9th Trish Atkinson             H  8143  (Yeadon S.C)
and Catherine Ward

A good day was had by all. It was great to see the new comers, and more club boats out than previous years. Hopefully we will see more next year especially visitors and Mirrors. A Big Thank you to all that helped.


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