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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blue Green Algae Update

Further to my message below I have received the following: from the council:

"The Environment Agency have done a test this week and confirmed the Blue-green algae is still present in large numbers. They intend to repeat the exercise next week. After that Parks & Countryside are organising further testing to monitor the situation. In addition we are looking at introducing preventative measures to control potential outbreaks. "

Dear Members,

Sorry for the bad news, but currently there is no indication of a lift in the suspension of sailing due to Blue Green Algae. We have to take the lead from the council on this matter and the last update I had was as follows:

"I am (Council)  in discussions with the Environment Agency to determine the best way of monitoring the Blue-green algae. Once we have resolved the best means of identification, frequency of water testing and threshold level of the organism permissible to enable water based activities I shall get back to you"

I'm continueing to lobby the council for active testing of the tarn, this is the responsibilty of the council as the Tarn owners and the Environmental Agency no longer have any involvement in the matter.

The council have in the past stated that they will not test the water on a regular basis even though it is used by the council for sailing activities and members of the public.

I have also been intouch with a local councilor to make him aware of the situation. We can only hope that the recent weather conditions kill the algae and that active testing determines this is the case and we can carry on sailing.

If any member wishes to sail at Ripon or Yorkshire Dales Sailing Clubs then please see the message sent via email below.


Tim B

Yeadon Sailing Club

Alternative sailing plans

Dear Member,

We have received two very generous invitations from both Ripon Sailing Club and Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club whilst we cannot use the tarn due to the blue green algae outbreak.

They have both offered the use of their facilities without charge to Yeadon SC members whilst our sailing suspension is in place, including space in their boat parks. However please note that boat park space will be limited.

Both clubs race on a Sunday with first race at 11.00 (RSC), 11.30 (YDSC).

Please note that boats and trolleys should be washed down before moving them.

To take up their invitations please do the following:

Ripon SC:

Contact their membership secretary, Martin Barrett, first so that he can log you as a temporary member at membership@ripon-sc.org.uk

Contact their boat park warden at boatpark@ripon-sc.org.uk if you want to leave your boat temporarily at Ripon.

Yorkshire Dales SC:

Sign in as a guest (or day sailor) using the forms near the galley.

Boats can be stored in a "Yeadon Block" closest to the water using the wires. There is a Boat park plan in the clubhouse which will show the area to use. Suggest boats are tied to these wires....it gets windy at Grimwith!

If you would like help or advice on moving your boat please contact a Yeadon SC committee member.

Please let us know if you plan to take up either offer by using the form at
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE5WUUFyWk9Ua0lIWG5kOUh6U2dQcGc6MQ#gid=0 or replying to this email, so that we can keep an eye on numbers.

We have decided to postpone the training activities for both Adults and Juniors until we can get back on the water.

The working party planned for Saturday will go ahead with as much help as possible appreciated in getting the dinghy park ready for the winter.

As soon as we can get sailing again on Yeadon Tarn, we will be in touch.

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