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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

August Bumper Update

Summer Round up
I know its not entirely over and has been mixed weather, but I hope everyone has had a good summer of sailing. There's still plenty more to come before the season ends!

The Wednesday night series had it's ups and downs, I recall a dry but very light winds season, I'm not sure if that's how everyone else remembered it. Unfortunately it has come to an end now and the scores are on the board. (remember to switch off PH for that Series, I didn't and got all excited!) http://www.yeadonsailingclub.co.uk/results/default.php

Series B Saturday and Sundays is well underway, and its going to be an interesting one!

A big thank you goes out to all those members who have helped with the Tuesday night training. Its an important activity for the club as it helps develop current members and attract new ones. Neil and the team have done a fantastic job at helping to maintain the sales and training balance. Particular thanks goes to Neil, Mary, Glenis, Dave and Luke (who has run a very successful junior training series at the start of the sessions).

As ever, we would like you opinion on how the club is run and the facilities we have to offer. Please visit the survey at the following link http://go.clickmeter.com/uokb/

Theres a prize to be won if you do. Last years winner was Pat Murphy! (I'll be in contact to arrange collection).

As ever we love to see pictures that have been taken of the tarn and YSC members sailing. I'm sure you'll agree that the following are stunning: http://9nl.com/7jmo/ Don't forget that all our photos can be uploaded to our Flickr Account: http://go.clickmeter.com/x48n/

If you have any pictures then please do get in touch.

Saturday Training
The Saturday training series starts this weekend for adults from the Tuesday night training. The aim of the training is to polish the skills that have been acquired during the season and to hopefully get the class to Level 2 status.

This is open to all adult members, if you are interested then please signup as a student using the following link: http://9nl.com/0s8p/ and group code: gexbk9.

If like me you are a fashion conscious sailor, and always want to look the part (without getting my hair wet), then you can now purchase YSC branded clothing. We have a club page on Wave Clothing where you can purchase anything from Hoodies to YSC branded underwear.


I've purchased a hoodie and when it arrives I'll put a photo of me online with my best catalogue pose. Pick whatever outfits you want, there are 2 colour choices for the logo.

Water Gathers
For those with a keen eye, you may have spotted the straight devices on the roof of the club house. These belong to Yorkshire Water and are being used to monitor the rainfall in the area. They'll be on site for a couple of months. Please avoid supplementing the readings :)

We've made some progress with funding this summer. We have submitted an application for some additional training boats to Awards for All. A big thank you to Dave Norman for an excellent application. So figures crossed. We'll also be applying to Sport England for boat funding as well.

Mathews mum Sharon Midgley has been doing an excellent fund rasing job and has been in contact with Asda and Waitrose for help for training equipment. In September you should see YSC on the green token donation for Asda at the Meanwood and Adel branches. I'll keep you post on Waitrose.

Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with the Cash for Clubs funding for £1000, but we will apply again with a stronger application this month.

As for the larger pot of money for inspired funding (Lottery Grant) we plan to apply for funding to repair the clubs leaking roof. Along with some other funding to repair/upgrade the paths round the dinghy park. Its work in progress at present.

September Working Parties - Saturday 15th
All those with some spare time on their hands would be welcome on Saturday 15th to help prepare the club for the winter. They'll be some general tidying up jobs plus I'm sure Trevor will have a list of larger maintenance jobs.

There will be lots going on at the club that day so we thought that since you'll all be there anyway, we'd have a BBQ in the evening (bring your own meat and veg) and as the days are getting shorter, there might be an opportunity for a night race, the Commodore will supply a special prize.

Committee and AGM
The club can't run without members and a bit of organisation, therefore the committee constantly needs new blood to relieve those who have given up their time year on year, but also to bring new ideas. The committee is voted in as part of the AGM which will be held later this year, therefore please start to consider if you would like to take part. We meet once a month and try to keep it short, sweet and productive.

Please speak to a member of the committee if your interested and want to find out more. We will have vacancies for committee posts and the post of Child Welfare Officer.

Race Camera
To help support the Race Officer's duties, we have set back up the camera in the race office which watches over the lap/finish line between the club house and mark 9. This records on movement and should pick up all the boats crossing the lap line during a race. So if you are unsure or need clarification then you can play back the video on the training PC. I've got some tweaks to make, but hopefully this might help should you encounter a problem. It starts automatically with the PC and at the moment the video is recorded into a folder on dropbox called 'Race Video'. Any questions then get in contact.

Dates for you diary:

Adult Training Series - Every Saturday in September starting at 11am
Saturday 15th Working Party and Bring your own BBQ
Saturday 15th Junior Training

Sunday 7th N12 Open (crews needed, please contact me for more information)
Sunday 14th October Junior Team Racing Development Day
Saturday 20th Streaker and Solo open

November / December

Janurary / February
Laying up supper Date TBC

If you have any questions regarding the content of this message then please contact Tim Burnett at commodore@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

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