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Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Inter-Series Interval – Week 2

After the fun and games of rapid fire racing last Sunday this time it is the turn of the Juniors and Ladies to shine !

The 2.30pm race on Saturday is the Annual Ladies Race and the 4th Junior Race in the Junior Race series. So if you are not a Lady or a Junior please come down and support them !

Following that will be a Pursuit Race for everybody (men included too) this time, if Neil and Rachel can work out the Starting Sequence !

In a Pursuit race the slowest boats, on handicap, start first and then progressively the faster boats, on handicap chase the slower boats around the course trying to catch up. The length of time for the Race is fixed and if it all works out correctly, and everybody sails their boat to it’s handicap, then everybody should cross the finish line together ! We'll have to see how it works out !
So Mirrors will be the first to start followed by Toppers etc. and so on, with National 12s and Lasers being the last to start.

On Sunday Paul will be running a 3 race day for the F W Leeks Trophy, first race at 2.30 pm, best 2 out 3 to count. This will run as 3 short races, each about 30 to 40 mins each, with a tea break squeezed in at some point to suit.

Come down and enjoy  !

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