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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

RYA Volvo Sail for Gold Game


Just released from the RYA :-
Think you can beat some of the best sailors in the country? Then prove it by playing the RYA Volvo Sail for Gold game and challenge yourself against Britain’s top sailing talent from the comfort of your arm chair this summer.

Online sailors are challenged to master the art of one of Britain’s most successful sports using touchscreen commands to gybe, tack and sail around a virtual world championship course whilst collecting bonus stars to increase their speed and score.

Players can select to play by themselves or against top medal hopefuls including Britain’s most successful Olympic sailor, Ben Ainslie, the newly crowned 470 World Champions, Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, Olympic gold medallist Paul Goodison plus Olympic Windsurfing medallist, Nick Dempsey and other top Skandia Team GBR sailors, with the aim to be the quickest around the course.

Triple Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie commented “Apps are a huge part of our life now. A number of the British sailors use them daily for training and everyone enjoys a fun, addictive game you can just pick up and play. The great thing about the RYA Volvo Sail for Gold game is that it is easy to play but also teaches you a thing or two about the sport. I just hope my score makes the online leader board and stays there during the summer or that could be quite embarrassing!”

Gamers will become armchair sailing experts as they steer around mark roundings searching for the best wind, whilst collecting bonus stars to increase their speed. Once the player has completed their selected class, they can post their score on the online leaderboard as well as share it on Facebook and Twitter. They can then try to complete all the classes, to create a score for the overall leaderboard.

“I’ve had great fun testing out the RYA Volvo Sail for Gold Game, and naturally have shown some of our top sailors a thing or two on the virtual race track!” commented Stephen Park, the RYA Olympic Manager.

“It’s great and fun way for fans of Skandia Team GBR to engage with the sport, whether they’re sailors or not, and I’m sure we’ll see some fierce competition and some impressive gold-medal standard performances developing this summer – both on the water and online!”

The game is aimed at sailors and non-sailors alike, fans of the sport and mobile gamers. Developed by sailors, the aim was to ensure the game was not too technical. The game has an exciting realistic feel, teaching users about fundamentals such as the ‘no go zone’. However, the game doesn’t cover all the rules of the road, and wind and weather elements. This means the player can have fun on the game whilst also competing against the top sailors in the sport. It is currently available to play online at www.sailforgoldgame.com, and is available to download for free on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad through iTunes and on Android via Google Play.

Download images of Olympic Windsurfing Medallist, Nick Dempsey playing the game today at the Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta, WPNSA http://bit.ly/KJ8lTB

Search for ‘Sail for Gold’ in the App store or play at www.sailforgoldgame.com #sfgg


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