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Monday, 29 November 2010

Froestbite racing stopped by early extreme weather!

Hoping against all the odds keen Frostbiters arrived ready for an afternoon of racing and jacket potatoes only to be met by a frozen Tarn.

Not to be deterred John began breaking up the ice with his bare hands.  The plan was to clear a hole that was big enough for a boat to be launched into and then the boat could be used to break up the ice. But it was to no avail as the ice was 3/4" inch thick! 

In true Yeadon Sailing Club spirit cheerfulness prevailed and members spent the time chatting, packing up boats and walking around the frozen Tarn before saying their good byes and going home for an afternoon in front of the fire.

1 comment:

Stanza Stones said...

I made enough parkin for all the frostbites, but because so many race days have been cancelled due to the lake being frozen over, parkin is left. If anyone wants to take what is in the fridge, either for themselves, or give it to the birds or whatever, please do so. I'm assuming the last frostbite races tomorrow (19 Dec) will also be cancelled.