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Monday, 22 February 2010

Lonely Buoy

Mid February and we are still gripped by winter. The Tarn is frozen once more and the dinghies still in the Dinghy Park are covered by snow again. Seemingly it has been like that since before Christmas !

There must have been a thaw at some point to allow some magic to occur or it was probably more like some intrepid members getting out on the water and bring the buoys in (or did they ice skate ?). It is quite remarkable what goes on even when the Club is closed down for the Winter (Thanks to whoever sorted that !) All bouys that is all bar No 9 Buoy which is still ice bound out in the middle – A lonely buoy indeed !

Hopefully the weather will improve for Denis and Jo’s Winter Walk on the 28th February and especially for the working parties on the 6th and 13th March,

And the sailing season starts not long after that !!!!!

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