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Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Day Sail ?

Lead by the Commodore and followed up by Dave Statman (with the baked potatoes) lots of members gathered to sail (probably the minority), or to spectate and socialise (probably the majority) at the Club on New Year’s Day.

Unfortunately (or was it fortunately) the snowy winter weather had prevailed and everybody was met by the sight of disgruntled gulls walking round the marks rather than swimming around them.

Undeterred, the potatoes went on and the ‘fuddle’ lunch was laid out as people brought more and more food along. While this was being sorted some walked around the Tarn and found the only bit of open water was along the edge between 3 and 4, but the path was horribly icy. However, most people stayed in the Club and nattered and nibbled, which was the most sensible option.

The traditional way of welcoming the New Year in was duly observed with Bill playing the Bagpipes (much to the confusion of people walking past the Club) and the Commodore took the opportunity to wish everybody a Happy New Year. The Prizegiving for the pre Christmas Frostbite Series was held, Bill Wilson picked up the Brian Cocker Trophy as the Series Winner with David Statman in second place and John Southall in third.

More food was eaten and in the absence of a race the Commodore’s Bottle was opened and sampled before people started to drift away, all looking forward to the ice melting and the new season starting in March !

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